Thursday, February 19, 2015

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Singaporean Shares close lower on Wednesday

SGX share prices closed higher on Wednesday with the Straits Times Index up 14.47 points to 3,430.38.
Volume was 642.4 million shares worth S$779.5 million.
Gainers outnumbered losers 226 to 128.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

SGX Shares open lower on Tuesday

SINGAPORE[SGX] share prices opened lower on Tuesday with the Straits Times Index down 8.32 points to 3,418.84.
Volume was 53.7 million shares worth S$54.5 million.

Noble slips further in early trading on Tuesday

[SGX]SHARES in Noble Group continued to fall in early trading on Tuesday after newcomer short-selling firm Iceberg Research hit out at Noble's classification of some firms as associates.
The counter slipped to a low of S$1.05 on Tuesday morning after closing at S$1.11 on Monday. At around 9.15am, it was the second most heavily traded stock by volume with some 9.18 million shares changing hands.

In a report dated Feb 15, Iceberg - which says it has no short position on the company - set a target price for the stock at just 10 Singapore cents per share. In the report, it raised the issue of whether certain Noble units should be classified as associates or long-term investments since the accounting treatment is different. Australia-listed firm Yancoal was one of those highlighted.
In a response to a query from Singapore Exchange, Noble referenced Iceberg's report and said that it "completely rejects" the allegations. "All material information to which Iceberg Research refers is in the public domain," it said. "There has been no material adverse change since the company last reported."

Monday, February 16, 2015

Noble shares fall 9 per cent in trading

[SGX] NOBLE Group's shares fell 11 Singapore cents or 9 per cent to S$1.095 as at 12.05pm on Monday, being the top volume-traded counter. Singapore Exchange (SGX) issued a query regarding its trading activity. This is the second such query issued by SGX to the company in the past five months.
Iceberg Research issued a short-sell report on Noble, citing a price target of S$0.1. In its summary of findings, it listed several allegations, including that Noble exploits the accounting treatment of its associates to avoid large impairments and fabricate profit.

Singaporean Shares open lower on Monday

SINGAPORE[SGX] share prices opened lower on Monday with the Straits Times Index down 9.50 points to 3,416.72.
Volume was 37.3 million shares worth S$70.8 million.
Gainers outnumbered losers 84 to 65.